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Art by Bob Stonebraker

Artist's Sobriety Date: 8/15/1975

All artwork on this web page are ©opyrighted by artist Bob Stonebraker and may not be copied, modified, reused, reproduced or otherwise used without express written permission from the artist.

If you are interested in learning about artwork availability or licensing one of these images, please send an email to this site and the message will be forwarded to the artist who can respond to your inquiry directly.
The social stigma of alcoholism is unfortunately still a part of a shame based cultural belief system. True recovery is full of courage, hard work and miracles - there is no shame in it. Some participating artists have chosen to remain anonymous, not because they are ashamed to be in recovery but because of the associated stigma and the real possibility of social and/or professional discrimination. Other more courageous individuals are not allowing the stigma to intimidate them into concealing their identities. They believe that by putting real names and faces to addiction, it will help to educate the public and eliminate the false stereotypes.

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